Cavendish Bridge


Cavendish Bridge

Constructed in 1856 for sugar cane transportation, Cavendish Bridge, commonly known as the “Pont de la Ville Noire”, literally “the black town bridge”, was originally constructed from wood while all other bridges in Mauritius were made from steel. Between 1908 and 1911 it was transformed into a reinforced concrete bridge, an innovation at that time. At 155 metres it is said to be the longest bridge on the island. The water flows under the bridge towards the river mouth and it has a great view of Lion Mountain and the Grand Port Range – a stunning backdrop!

The inhabitants of Mahebourg like to tell the story of a tourist who, in the late 70s, stopped on the bridge, looked over, and saw a sandy islet below. An old man standing beside him said to the tourist that he was the owner of the islet. The tourist asked the old man if he would sell him the property, at which the old man hesitated, and then agreed. He requested a deposit, which the tourist promptly paid, and they arranged to meet on the bridge the next day to go together to the notary and sign the deed. When the tourist arrived the following day, neither the old man nor the islet was there. The sea level had risen, covering the islet, and the old man had disappeared... So legend has it!




Lat: -20.406219482 - Lng: 57.704273224